User Introductions


(Ray Kholodovsky) #21

Hi, I’m Ray. I may have made a thing once.

  1. Northern New Jersey, USA
  2. 2 K40’s (one each of the 2 main wiring types) and a K40D arriving shortly. I tend to put Cohesion3D boards in them. First one was purchased April 2016 on eBay for $340. I also have a diode laser module that I can put on a Openbuilds frame should I ever find the time.
  3. Have had access to LightBurn since even before the beta group, which isn’t necessarily to say that’s how long I’ve been using it…
  4. Testing boards, taking pictures of boards inside the machines, documentation, occasionally cutting some parts or raster engraving a bunny.
  5. My “how to use a laser” knowledge is a bit more theoretical than it is practical.
  6. 2 CNC’s and 25 3D Printers. No I’m not running a print farm. I come from 3D Printing, have designed and built my own machines from scratch and upgraded many more, and more recently pivoted into laser. Still love printing though, it’s fun, and modding machines really calms me down.

(Tim) #22

Rathdrum Idaho
K40 just came Monday
Will finally get my lightB key when they ship my laser board
Never ran a Laser till Monday (it all started when I was looking into glowforge. I kept seeing YouTube videos of guys upgrading there China lasers.)
I have been building 3d printers for last 4 years
So this is going to be a fun new hobby.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #23

Check your email, that may have already happened.

(Tim) #24

Not yet lol but it’s only been two days not including holiday.
Its probably a good thing gives me time to read and play on laser before I start braking shit :smile: ----> just checked spam folder yup on the way :slight_smile:

(Richard Lynch) #25

I am retired in Las Vegas. Been doing woodworking since 1973. Bought an Xcarve 3 years ago and a K40 laser 2 years ago. Don’t sell anything. I get off on creating something new. If I make more than 2 of anything I feel like it’s a job. Did I mention I’m coming up on 70 and am retired. I’ve said enough. I’m feeling a need to go out in the garage and play with my wood.

(Tony Schick) #26

Hi Guys, I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I started with a K40 and decided a Shenhui 90W CO2 laser just had to happen. I imported it myself from China and the whole process was hassle-free.
I use it mainly for hobby stuff but am starting to make acrylic templates for luthiers.
I’ve been using lasers for about 6 years (Trotec Speedy 300, Epilog Mini) in our local Fab Lab where I volunteer (teaching visitors how to use it).
I also have a CNC router which I built myself from plans I bought from Momus CNC.
I’ve had Lightburn for about 4 months and love it for machine control - although most of my designs are done in Illustrator CS6.
Looking forward to participating in this forum.

(Anthony Bolgar) #27
1. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
2. Vytek 1200X900 120W, G.Weicke 600X470 80W, Redsail LE400 50W, 5W diode laser, 3 K40's that I have sold now
3. Using lightBurn since one of the very early betas
4. Hobby, Part Time Production 
5. Laser user since 2015
6. OX CNC router, Sphinx CNC router, 6 3D printers
7. No store yet

(Joel Miller) #28
  1. Location Pittsfield MA
  2. Laser owned K40 and an LED 2.5Watt
  3. LightBurn Experience Probably almost a year, and I am still learning it, and LOVE it
  4. Principle Use Hobby, and a limited number of events
  5. Amount of experience with laser - Started last year because of a need at an event
  6. Other computer controlled equipment None
  7. Web Based Store - Dont have one yet

(Andy Antoniou) #29

Hi all,

  1. Belgium
  2. J Tech 2.8W 2019
  3. Just bought it and started using it
  4. Part Time Production
  5. Double O zero :slight_smile:
  6. Shapeoko 3
  7. No

(David L Williams) #30

Selma TX
Boss LS1420 65W Received 11/18
Using LB since 12/18
Just a hobby, full time retired. (Retired USAF/Retired Teacher)
No previous laser experience but love technology
Trying to incorporate laser into my wood and leather work
Learning new things

(scott hughey) #31

O.K…so here are my specs…

1.Shapleigh Maine
2. Laser is a Blue and white 50 watt ( thats a spec stretch) laser bought 3 months ago with Ruida. Prior to that I had a FSL 40 watt hobby laser.
3. Using lightburn for a few months…enjoying it very much.
4. Principle use is part time business and part time hobby crafting as my wife realizes…hey cool…make me this…please.
5 Laser experience is 30 years. I am a retired laser Field service Engineer mainly CO2 surgical for 15 years then high power (3000 watt) CNC controlled laser cladding systems for aerospace repair. Couldn’t give up lasers after 30 years which is why I still fiddle. I laugh as I remember when sealed gas CO2 tubes first came out around 1989 or so…yah…a 35 watt tube was 5 grand alone. The story at the time was there was one old man in China who hand blew all the tubes himself in the eraly days…sounded made up to me to justify 5 grand…prior it was all mixed flowing gas tubes. Very stable though the old flowing gas!!!
6. No other computer controlled equipment I have enough pain with one. I prefer my wood lathe for pure enjoyment.
7. Etsy store but that is just a test bed at the moment.

(Florian Kelsch) #32

Im Florian and Im from germany, living near bremen in lower saxony

Owning a 10w diode Laser from Endurance lasers combined with a Open builds Acro system frame and as a Controller im using a ramps 1.4 with marlin

Using LightBurn for over a year now and will not use any other :slight_smile:

Im using the laser for some hobby projects but also for my own part time Business.

Working with the my diy lasercutter for over 3 years now

Also got three 3D printer and a open builds cnc Machine.

Finally got my own webside. Not with a Classic Store but more for custom requests.

Happy To be a part of the Community


(Daryl) #33

Hi, I’m Daryl,

From Paradise Beach Vic, Australia.
General woodworker and luthier (Hobby only)
Been using LightBurn from before day 1. (Beta tester for Darkly Labs)
Using Emblaser 1 & 2.
Also have a home built CNC spindle machine running Mach4.
Using Vectric Aspire for design.

Love LightBurn :heart_eyes:

(todd smith) #34

I’m Todd
Lubbock, Texas
80w Red/Black
Been using LB about a year
Part time business
2 years laser exp.
Have a 3-D printer
No online store

(Brent Dowell) #35

I’m Brent, I live on an Isolated Desert Compound A bit North and East of Reno Nevada.
I have a K40 powered by a C3D Mini, and I have an open builds OX CNC router with a Jtech 2.8mw diode laser powered by a C3D Remix board.

I like to play with microcontrollers, coding, woodworking, 3d printing, lasering and pretty much anything that involves making or doing ‘stuff’.

(Robin Sieders) #36

I’m in Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
I own what was once a k40 three years ago, but have rebuilt it into custom a 500x300 Vslot machine
I’ve been using Lightburn since release, originally using the gcode version, but have recently upgraded to the DSP version.

I’m mostly using my laser for hobby use, but hoping to make a bit of money at craft shows in the near future.

Started out with 3d printing 6 or so years ago, then dabbled in the Shapeoko CNC world for a few years, and finally settled into laser cutting. I also have a small cricut for vinyl cutting when needed.

Don’t have an online storefront currently.

(Gerry) #37


I’m currently living in Birmingham in the UK, although I’m natively from London.

I own a generic red and black 700*500 Ruida-driven 60W laser, and have been working with Chinese lasers since ~2013

Lightburn is relatively new to me, but I have been using LaserWorks and similar 2D CAM packages for a long time (including the dreaded Lasercut 5.3 for Leetros), so it feels very intuitive and natural for me.

I’m primarily using this as a hobby machine, although my work is typically based around CAD/CAM, so the acquired skills carry through for both work and play.

Experience with lasers? Well, I’ve been using Laser cutters since 2007ish, and Chinese ones specifically since 2013, so I’ve got a fair degree of experience with them. I’ve worked with glass tube lasers, RF lasers and forced O2 metal-cutting lasers as well. Never worked with Fibre or Galvo lasers, though. Would love to have a play - I’ve considered picking up a Chinese Galvo at some point when I’m next feeling flush, but that’s going to be a while yet.

With regards to other CNC kit, I own a small router, three 3D printers: one pre-prusa A-frame - a RepRap Huxley I built back in 2012 (not my first ever 3d printer build, but my first), one delta printer (a Kossel mini), and one DLP resin printer (a WanHao D7), a vinyl cutter (if that counts), and I’m in the process of converting both my mill and lathe to CNC control, using a a pair of Chinese Fanuc clone interfaces.

I don’t have a web store per se, although I am going to start running an eBay store once I’ve put together some designs that I reckon will sell.It’s just having that confidence in my own designs first, you know?

(Paul Posner) #38

Massapequa, NY ( on Long Island )
Redsail X-900 60 watt, since 2014
Bought LB in Dec 2018, been watching development for some time.
Hobby/light production
5 years of laser experience, 8 years overall CNC/3d Printer
Shapeoko2, numerous 3d Printers, US Cutter LaserPoint2 vinyl cutter

Software: Inkscape, OpenSCAD ( just great! )

(Alojz) #39
  1. Slovenia, EU
  2. 3x Ruida 600x900 all three 90 watt, thinking of another smaller one 50 or 60 watt
  3. I have started with Lightburn in december 2018 so far I am impressed. Needed something for picture engraving and I found Lightburn.
  4. Full time production
  5. 6 years of laser experience
  6. Prusa Mk2S 3D printer
  7. Software (Adobe Illustrator, DraftSight, Corel Draw, Inkscape, Fusion 360…
  8. I have a just started a webstore, some of the products are not yet listed

(Chuck Barrett) #40

I was in the woodworking years ago and was out of it due to business for about 20 some years. Now retired, I started up my Woodshop again and bought the laser a few months ago. I decided on lightburn and installed it before my laser showed up based on the positive reviews of light burn and a little bit of playing with rdworks. I have the Chinese 60/40, 100 watt with the Rueda controller. My business name is the laser works but honestly I haven’t taking that very seriously as I am more enjoying my time as a Certified Leisureologist. I made a lot of pens in this past year and I’ve enjoyed doing that finding it quite relaxing. I suppose I specialize in small wood working projects like gift items and so forth and combining that with the laser Engraving seems to be a good mix.