User Introductions

It would be great if the LightBurn users here could give a brief introduction, the following is just an example of information that would be nice.

  1. Location (City, State)
  2. Laser owned (Model,Type, Year purchased)
  3. LightBurn Experience (how long have you been using LB? Or are you just learning about it?)
  4. Principle Use (Hobby, Full time production, Part Time Production …)
  5. Amount of experience with laser
  6. Other computer controlled equipment (CNC …)
  7. Web Based Store (Yes/No maybe the URL?)

Just my suggestions, nothing is required.


I am in Kennesaw Georgia
I purchased a Boss LS-1420 65 watt tube in October of 2018
I purchased a copy of the DSP LB in October 2018

I am using my laser to make stuff for family and friends mostly. I have sold some stuff just to help pay for new materials

I never used a laser before 10/18

I built a small X-Carve CNC to learn about CNC and got really excited by the possibilities it opened up, after a couple years with the X-Carve I had sold enough stuff to purchase a used commercial quality CNC 2’x4’

I do have an Etsy store, but nothing much is listed there yet. My plan is start small and build a small business that can provide me with something to do when I retire in a few years.

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I am in Lebanon Tennessee
Red and Black 700x500 60 watt in 2017
I bought LB in November 2018

I use my laser to make folding money as my dad called it, I work with a couple of local owned clothing stores and make leather patches for hat, I do about 300 of them a month. I also do a lot of mug engraving and cutting boards.

I never used a laser before Dec. 17

I don’t really do FB…so I hope this forum takes off.

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  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  2. Full Spectrum 4th Generation Series 40w Hobby Laser upgraded with a Cohesion3D Mini controller. (I purchased in 2017 from a friend who purchased from FSL around 2011.)
  3. I’ve been using LightBurn for about a year.
  4. Hobby with my own laser, work with others.
  5. Good deal of experience with digital fabrication design and different brands/models of laser cutters and software.
  6. 3D printers, plotters, CNC machines, etc.
  7. Some things I make are here: and my blog is here

Good day!

I live in Canton, Georgia and own a Red/Black Chinese laser with Ruida controller that shipped with a 60w tube and died within 48 hours. Purchased it from eBay in October 2017. Upgraded to an 80w EFI tube and power supply.

I’ve been using Lightburn for a little under a year now and it is head and shoulders better than the application that was shipped with the unit.

I use my machine mostly for hobby work at home, although I have made a few items and sold them. I’d like to have a business doing it, but there’s just too many people out there with lasers now. I also have a 3D printer and use it more often.

My website is

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CO2- 130w 1300 x 900
I have looked thru lightburn software and spent a couple hours on learning it
Signshop production- experimentation
Jan 2016
Shopbot, Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer, Roland 64" solvent printer/laminator and plotters.

I am retired from the signshop I started 22 years ago but still here every day helping out and playing with my many toys. Proficient with RDworks and graphics software and Fusion 360 [kinda] and like to keep up with tech.

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  1. Atlanta, Georgia
  2. KeHui 700x500 with 80 watt EFR F2 bought in August 2016
  3. I bought LightBurn in March of 2018 but started using it at least a month earlier
  4. I mainly use my laser for part-time production work
  5. My laser journey started in August of 2016
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Good idea. I put this info into my about me section in my user profile as this thread will eventually disappear into the ether.

  1. Joshua Tree, California

  2. I have a 45W 20x12 Full Spectrum Laser with a Lightobject LO-X7 controller swap (Lightburn compatibility).

  3. I am just getting started with Lightburn

  4. I primarily use my laser for my hobbies and making useful things around the house. I am also toying with the idea of starting a part-time side hustle.

  5. I bought my system in the beginning of 2018. Haven’t done anything to elaborate yet.

  1. Location: Washington, PA
  2. Laser owned: 50w CO2 China, 300 x 500, New 12/2017
  3. LightBurn Experience: Been using LightBurn since 3/2018
  4. Principle Use: (Hobby to start with) Want to supplement income when I retire
  5. Amount of experience with laser: none
  6. Other computer controlled equipment: Roland VS-420 VersaCamm Vinyl printer/cutter
  7. Web Based Store: Yes
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I live west of Boston Ma.
For lasers I actually have 4 that are running (and a few I took apart for parts) I have 2 diode lasers, and 2 CO2 lasers.

  • original Eleksmaker A3 using an Eleksmaker controller;
  • An Open Builds ACRO system with a 2W TTL laser, with a C3D controller (yes it works great with a diode laser), Z-axis, …
  • K40 with lots of mod’s/rewiring and a C3D controller - really about 30 Watts
  • Red - Black 700x500 with an 80 watt tube (a real 80W tube) power Z axis.

I just noticed that I originally bought LightBurn exactly 1 year ago today and have been very happy that I did.

I make things as a hobby, I could sell some but that would make a hobby into work - so I make all kinds of thngs and give them away to friends.

I also have an Open Builds C-Beam XL CNC machine with a water cooled spindle and work with wood, plastics, and Aluminum. With external motor controllers I figured I didn’t need to buy a controller so I use a UNO board with screw terminals shield to drive everything, Another purchase I have been very happy with. And to round things out I have 3 3D Printers the biggest has a 300x300xx400mm build area. The other’s are i3 clones that I built.

Another side line where I make things and give them away is making vinyl graphics for RC Sail Boats.


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  1. Location: Big Lake, MN
  2. Laser owned: 2 K40s, 1 new black Friday other found used 3 days later, 1 diode attachment for xcarve.
  3. LightBurn Experience: Brand new
  4. Principle Use: Hobby
  5. Amount of experience with laser: novice
  6. Other computer controlled equipment: xcarve, maslow, 3d printer.
  7. Web Based Store: not yet.
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All USA lol

I’m a we man from the North of Ireland
Got a large 1800x1200 150w grey and red

Been using lightburn for about 8 months
Few years experience with laser engraving on and off

Run it as a business


  1. Dover, TN
  2. Laguna 150w Co2
  3. Started using LightBurn October 2018
  4. Full time production use…
  5. 4 months experience with Laser CNC
  6. Several years experience with 3d printing and scanning…
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K40 tax return might get red black laser
Using lighting burn for under a year love it.
K40 for over a year new mirrors ,motors , bed, and pcb
Hobby use and part time production

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My name is Derek
Hudson, Florida
I have a k40
I have been using LB for about a year
Doing laser for about a year (lightburn since day 1)
I also own an LED lighting company as well as laser services.
Laser cutting/engraving is part time currently.

  1. Vancouver, BC, Canada
  2. Spark Laser SP1300S (1300x900)
  3. Beta Group OG member :slight_smile:
  4. Full time production
  5. 2 years full time production
  6. I also have 3D printing and CNC machining in my prototyping machine shop.
  7. Website

Feel free to get in touch if you need advice or have problems, I’m happy to help the best I can.

  1. Gabriola Island, BC, Canada - Population 4,500
  2. Emblaser 1 Diode laser, Shapeoko 3 CNC router, 24" Graphtec plotter
  3. I’ve been making signs of most kinds for thirty years. Been using LB since it became available.
  4. Use all my computer driven machines, power and hand tools for my living and hobbies.
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  1. San Jose, CA
  2. Kehui 100w 700x500mm (Red & Black Ebay special), Feb 2017, several K40’s (one C3D, one AWC), an Emblaser 2, a 20w Fiber (EZCad) and likely more to come.
  3. Been using LightBurn literally from day one.
  4. Started as a hobby, but then, well, you know.
  5. Bought my first CO2 laser in Feb 2017. Had a small diode laser about 6 months before, but it just, uh, didn’t cut it.
  6. Built a Mach3 based large-format CNC router about 10 years ago

Not day 0, or earlier?


I suppose I am a programmer, and we do generally count from zero…