User Introductions


(Ken Goldstein) #41

Jersey City, NJ
K40 (analog power meter, dual power supply) Ramps1.4/Arduino Mega running MarlinKimbra
I’m just trying to figure out how LightBurn works
Makerspace tool.
This is the first laser I’ve dealt with more powerful than a cat toy.
3D Printer: Luzlbot Mini 1

(Ray Kholodovsky) #42

Cool, you’re in my neighborhood. What makerspace?

(Ken Goldstein) #43

I’m at Hoboken Makerbar.

(Dennis Fuente) #44

SF bay area
K40 laser
light burn for about 9 months
i use it for my hobby
Had my laser for several years

(Rick James) #45

San Luis Obispo area, CA
BigBlue - 1000mmX600mm Ruida 100w CO2 (more on the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
LightBurn-ing from first release - asking stupid questions and bothering Oz (and Ray) from day one
MfL (Maker for Life), currently hollow wooden surfboards and other cool stuff

(Ray Kholodovsky) #46

Nice. I was there a few times a few years ago and know some people. More recently I occasionally hang out at MakerDepot in Totowa.

(Chris Leitch ) #47
  1. Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
  2. Laser owned: K40 with a few upgrades
  3. LightBurn Experience: I got LightBurn when I upgraded my K40 with a Cohesion3D Mini
  4. Principle Use: Hobby although I occasionally sell stuff
  5. I’ve been lasering for a year and a bit. Electronics and motion control stuff for a bit longer.

(Karl Dunkerley) #48

Hi Gerry, are you using LB on a Leetro-based machine as I’m thinking of purchasing one?

Would be v useful to know if I would have to change controller or not.


(Chris Leitch ) #49

Hi Karl,
If you are looking to ask technical questions like that it’s best to ask in the correct #hardware section of the site if you have particular users you would like to ask questions you can tag them in the post with the @username tag system.

Hope this helps!

(Peter Katz) #50

West Palm Beach FL
Kehui 100w 900x600 with rotary and other bells and whistles, purchased in 2016
30w Fiber Laser with Raycus Power source and 250mm field lense
Downloaded LB the day it became available
Co2 is a backup to the Fiber,the Fiber is a backup to the Embroidery…lol
Intermediate user, nothing like the gun smiths or anything, but I can work my way through any challenge
Embroidery machine and Pattern stitching machines
Etsy Store and a couple of others.

(Gerry) #51

I’ve PMed you, @KarlDunkerley

(HN) #52

A shout out to all the Georgia users! Spent 19 years in Dunwoody on the Chattahoochee.
Hey Ray, Jersey? What exit?

  1. I reside in Flagstaff AZ at the moment.

  2. Currently own a Chinese Yellow and Black Tek Genius 60W 700 x 500 clone. Still own a couple of Diode lasers, and sold a couple of heavily modified K40 lasers that are still being used by a friend.

  3. Been using LB on a Rudia controller for about a year, should be needing to renew anytime now!

  4. Use it for mostly hobby work and for a friend who does woodworking locally. There are a few boutique shops that cater to artists for the tourists. Been thinking about selling there.

  5. Spent 10 years with industrial CO2 lasers in the packaging industry. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

  6. I own a Shapeoko2/X-Carve and Prusa style 3D printer

  7. No Web Store yet

(Brandon Brooks) #53

I live in Mentone. Just on the other side of San Gorgonio from you.

(Brandon Brooks) #54
  1. Mentone, CA
  2. K40 - upgraded to 50W laser and small 1.6W diode laser
  3. Using LightBurn since September 2018
  4. Primarily used for side hustle. I work for Esri, a mapping company and got into it to make laser cut maps. I do that and many other little random things for people.
  5. I’ve had my k40 since October 2016 and got my diode laser in February 2016.
  6. No other CNC items yet. Gearing up to buy a 3d printer in the next month or two.
  7. No formal store, most requests come through word of mouth and Instagram:

(simon browne) #55
    • Location Surrey just outside London, England
    • eleksmaker clone I guess off eBay
    • Have only started to use lightburn so a few hours use before the board blew. Just geting back into it.
    • Hobby…Maybe one day I will make and sell something.
    • Beginning with the laser so under 10 hours
    • Have 6040 cnc but too scared to use it but will get there, creality CR10s 3d printer which I understand and use and have started using fusion 360 to design item to make on it. Had a k40 but gave it away as I never used it and accidentally broke the tube so gave it to someone for free …May purchase another one when I can get the space. Quite a few woodworking tools and would like to get into metalworking.

(Ejal Nhaisi) #56

Hi Guys,

I’m Eyal.

  1. Location (City, State) -
    Amsterdam (come on the world is bigger than the states only… not all countries have states LOL)

  2. Laser owned (Model,Type, Year purchased)
    50 watt co2 4040

  3. LightBurn Experience (how long have you been using LB? Or are you just learning about it?)
    About a year now.

  4. Principle Use (Hobby, Full time production, Part Time Production …)

  5. Amount of experience with laser
    1 year.

  6. Other computer controlled equipment (CNC …)
    3d printers (many), root3cnc

  7. Web Based Store (Yes/No maybe the URL?)

(Tony Carlton) #57
  1. Anderson, South Carolina
  2. Boss HP-3655 with 150 watt tube, April 2017
  3. New to lightburn with rude controller
  4. Part time business.
  5. 1.5 years laser experience
  6. No other equipment
  7. No store

(Travis Sawyer) #58
  1. Lanesborough, MA
  2. 2.5w eleksmaker and a k40 w/c3d board
  3. LightBurn Experience 1.5ish years
  4. Principle Use - Hobby
  5. Experience - my 2.5w was my first foray, maybe 3 years off and on
  6. Other equipment - tevo tarantula 3d printer, MPMC (build almost done)
  7. Web Based Store - nope

First I heard of LB was at the NYC maker faire a few years ago when I met Ray. Hi Ray!

(Reginald Taylor) #59

I am in Memphis, TN and I have a Chinese HL-1060 100w laser. I bought it for layering wall decor and my pens. I make pens as a side business and i I thi have in should have bought a smaller laser. So, I am working on getting the rotary set up.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #60

Apparently some inadvertent monkeying on my part paid off.