User Introductions


(Travis Sawyer) #61

Haha, yup. And I fell in love with the software. So much easier than inkscape-> svg paths -> laserweb.

I will be adding end stops to my eleksmaker soon.

(Anders Troberg) #62

I live in Fäggeby, Sweden. Pretty new to laser cutting, bug have lots of experience building stuff. Background as programmer, though am now a project manager.

My rig is a China made 130 W 1000x600, with a Ruida controller.

I’m mostly into it for hobby/fun, but might sell occasional stuff in the future.

(Bob Loesch) #63
  1. Williamsburg, VA
  2. Bodor BCL0605MU, 80W, 2/19
  3. Previously used RDWorks at MakerLab. Just started using Lightburn.
  4. Hobby.
  5. 1 yr experience.
  6. Stepcraft 600 CNC, Raise3D N2 3D printer
  7. N/A.

(David Deambrogio) #64

Brisbane, Australia
Emblaser Core
Only had it one week so learning
Part timer and for the start will only be using it to label my boxes
Never had a laser before so i’m in way deep

I have some questions on job placement on the work deck and sizing a job but will have a closer look at the topics to see if i can find the answers.

(Rich) #65
  1. Puget Sound, WA
  2. Shenhui 1450 x 850, 80W and 130W
  3. Since 2016 (haven’t been using LB recently because I’ve moved my Mac, will return to LB when the shop is back in order)
  4. Hobby and part time production
  5. Owned lasers since 2011
  6. CNC Mill w/4th axis, CNC Matt cutter(s), Several 3D printers
  7. No store

(gregory) #66


I’m Gregory, from France
I have no experience with engraving laser, with lightburn (or any other software) either.
I just bought an eleksmaker A3 pro, for leisure.

(Bo) #67
  1. Between SE Asia and New Zealand
  2. ShenHui 690, ShenHui 1390, ShenHui 1325 on order, 12x ShenHui K40s, Home-made/designed A4 6W diode laser, Home-made/designed 900x500 6W diode laser, a very, very hacked and modded K40 (Smoothieboard running GRBL-LPC)
  3. Purchased LB a couple of weeks ago
  4. I make stuff and teach others how to make stuff. I run a fablab, which is relocating, along with me, to NZ,
  5. Since 1998-ish, as an integrator and design engineer, since 2015 as an operator.
  6. How long have you got? CNC router, various motion-control machines, about 30M of Openbuilds track that is being evolved, devolved and assembled/disassembled into various devices as the mood takes me or I need to trial something. If I have the room, will be order g a 1325 CNC router by the end of the year.
  7. No.

When not teaching kids STEM, I design and make furniture, lamps, dolls houses, boxes, art pieces, LED creations and make it all IoT, where possible (big fan of the ESP8266 and WS281x).

My background is electrical engineering with a bunch of motion control, programming and large-system integration for people like Intel, Apple and IBM. I haven’t been gainfully employed for over a decade.

(Allen Massey) #68

You sound like a good person to know if I have maker questions. Thanks for all the information.

(Craig Thompson) #69

Hello all, My name is Craig Thompson and my wife Fran

  1. We live in Amherst Texas - population of about 600 people
  2. We just received our Boss LS-3655 laser a couple weeks ago.
  3. We are currently using the trial version of Lighturn, will most likely update to the paid version really soon.
  4. We are using the laser for a part time business.
  5. We are new to the laser world, hoping to learn new ideas and things to sell.
  6. We currently own a Laguna 4x4 CNC router. We love it and have made numerous plaques with it, Hoping the laser will compliment the router as well.
    7, We currently have a website where we show off our items. It can be found at We look forward to getting to know and share ideas with each of you.

(Don) #70


Saskatchewan Canada
1000 X 800 130 Watt 2019
I am new to LightBurn and learning
I use the laser for Part Time Production
I have used a laser for couple years
I made my own CNC router and am getting okay with Fusion 360

(Nigel Conroy) #71

I’m Nigel

  1. Just outside Boston, MA
  2. K50 500x300 50w blue Ruida 2016
    Red and black 60w 700x500 this a 2017
  3. Just started using lightburn but I’ve been using RDWorks so I think the learning curve shouldn’t be that bad and I’m already super impressed
  4. Use one in my Tech class I teach to Middle school kids and other at home as a hobby/side gig
  5. Almost 3 years of tinkering and burning things…
  6. None at moment but would love a CNC
  7. I mainly sell at craft fairs and am going to work on improving my current online presence

(Dave Borghuis) #72
  1. Location (City, State)
    Netherlands, Enschede

  2. Laser owned (Model,Type, Year purchased)

  • China TS6090 80W with ‘brain’ upgrade to MKS board bought in late 2018
  • A5 mini diode 2W (upgraded GRBL firmware from 0.8 to 1.1f) bought few months ago.
    Other laser I have worked with (not my own)
  • China CW3040 40W with same brain upgrade (hackerspace TkkrLab in Enschede)
  • GWeike LN6040 60W for local museum (i do maintenance/troubleshooting)
  1. LightBurn Experience (how long have you been using LB? Or are you just learning about it?)
    More then 1 year, still learning new tricks :wink:

  2. Principle Use (Hobby, Full time production, Part Time Production …)
    Makerspace, rent out for people to use laser cutter.

  3. Amount of experience with laser
    In total 5 years

  4. Other computer controlled equipment (CNC …)
    3d printers, vinylcutter

  5. Web Based Store (in Dutch sorry :wink: )

(John Fisher) #73
  1. Location (City, State)
    Lansing, Michigan USA
  2. Laser owned (Model,Type, Year purchased)
    Chinese Blue & White 50W CO2 Ruida, manual z and rotary table. Fathers Day Present 2019.
  3. LightBurn Experience (how long have you been using LB? Or are you just learning about it?) Brand new, just got my license since the trial was over. (Awesome to have full trial)
  4. Principle Use (Hobby, Full time production, Part Time Production …)
    Hobby and hope to add Part Time production in near future.
  5. Amount of experience with laser
    Making it up as I go, having a blast.
  6. Other computer controlled equipment (CNC …)
    3D Printer going on 2 years, and BobsCnc router 7 months. I gotta say laser is so much faster and fun than either of them, they all compliment each other.
  7. Web Based Store (Yes/No maybe the URL?)
    Not yet.