Using 1 laptop to operate 2 engravers

I am wondering if it is possible to connect 2 engravers to a single laptop, and by opening 2 LB sessions run both at once. Thanks

I haven’t done this myself but this other post seems to imply that this is possible but with problems using multiple cameras.

@Bigjohn Are you able to provide any insight here?

I do it all the time…run three. You have to open a separate instance of lb for each laser and then choose the usb connect port.

Yes, on windows with the DSP/USB drivers installed, you open one instance, connect to your laser 1 / port x, and so on. I do recommend a computer with at least 16gb of ram. I’m using an 8gb laptop and I have to reboot it every day. More memory on order!
But I can’t get 2 instances to deal with 2 different cameras… Hope developers can figure this one out…