Using an Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 remotely via a raspberry pi and virtual here software

I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 with a LU2-4-SF laser.

I am using Lightburn 1.3.01 on a Windows 10 PC.

Initially I had the Ortur plugged into a Raspberry Pi 3b using “Virtual Here” to create a virtual USB hub via WiFi. This appeared to work OK as Lightburn could connect to the laser and I could use Lightburn to move the laser head around.

However, when I tried a test engraving job after a few passes the laser head would stop moving. Google pointed me at jog control or the flame sensor. Reducing sensitivity on these had no effect. I should have realised this as whilst the laser head stopped moving Lightburn was still processing the job.

I moved the Ortur into the same room as the PC plugged it into the PC and the test engraving worked perfectly. (The test piece is simply some text and an image designed to fit on the 90mm x 55mm test pieces of ply supplied by Ortur. I am using 20% power at 6’000mm per minute which gives a reasonable light grey engraving.)

So, the problem appears to be somewhere with the raspberry pi, the WiFi network or the Virtual Here software. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can get this working properly as I certainly do not want to be running a laser engraver in the same room as my main PC? I could use my laptop at a push but it would not be as convenient as the raspberry pi solution.

Complex, you wuold need to confim no packets are being lost

The slightest drop will cause a time out as lightburn uses G91

A trick you coudl do is try to stream via LaserGrbl just to validate, as LaserGrbl does send data in full coordenates G90. So recovery of lost packets might be simplified

This will ONLY validate if the problem is network related or not

Well I gave LaserGrbl a test outing with an image. It did get to the end of the image but at several points during the process the laser head simply stopped moving whilst Lasergrbl seemed to be still executing code. After a second or five the laser head started to move again. Presumably this seems to suggest that the problem is network related but that Lasergrbl can continue through such problems whilst Lightburn cannot reestablish contact.

I will try ethernet next and see if that improves Lightburns ability to operate remotely.

Just switched to ethernet from wifi and Lightburn ran straight through the engraving without hesitation. Looks like my wifi is a little flaky!

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Yes LaserGrbl G90 mode can recover a bit easier also it waits for an execution on each step.
Might be a wifi latency, but if wired gives you what you need that might be the best secure option

Thanks. I will stick with Lightburn and wired for the moment. But if that starts to give me problems I may come back to you.

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sure thing!
Happy new year

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