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I have not got a laser yet, I plan to start with a J-Tech 7w diode on a Onefinity CNC, then upgrade to a mid-sized Co2 laser from Aeon or ThunderLaser.

I see several posts from time to time on the Aeon and ThunderLaser facebook pages from new folks asking about if they should get the camera. Often I see replies like “I used the camera on my Glowforge all the time but since getting my (Insert Large Co2 brand here) laser I never need or use the camera. Save your money you don’t need the camera”

This confuses me. I thought the purpose of the camera was to be able to align designs on material anywhere on a material at any angle to easily use scraps or to more precisely place designs on a project? Why would the camera on a craft laser be invaluable but on a pro level laser be a waste of money?

Anybody have info?

In my opinion, this depends entirely on the opinion of each person.
I prefer my device to be equipped with a camera because this is an advantage for me, I can easily sit behind my computer and manage my machine

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It is just a matter of personal opinion.
One way of thinking of it is that with a small desktop laser, it is possible the owner is working with smaller materials for one off jobs, when they invest in a bigger machine perhaps (along with the investment in space) they’re working on full sheets (why else get the bigger machine?) and don’t need to worry so much about their setup.

But again, it really is down to ones personal opinion. I sell laser cutters and I have customers from both camps. I think it is important to remember that people are very different, have different needs and different approaches and there isn’t one answer to a question like this.

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I understand.

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