V carve font for lasers

(HN) #1

I had an idea, but not sure how many other people would also want/use this.

In the non-Lazer CNC world, there is a way to make the carve in the shape of a V. The bottom is narrow and the top wider. To achieve this with a laser, it would have to be on par with a 3D image.

So the question is, doable? Interested?

Stamp ramp ETA?
(Nigel Conroy) #2

There is a ramp setting in Rdworks

(Hank Morgan) #3

I was going to suggest Ramp. I hear rumors that a Ramp feature may be coming to LB some day…

(HN) #4

I will play with the ramp settings on RDworks but I am sure it will be limited. Thanks for the suggestion.

(Bo) #5

Use a lens with a really short focal length - like 5mm.

(Oz) #6

Ramp mode in LightBurn is basically done, and in test. There are a couple of small bugs in the acceleration structure being used to speed it up, but I expect those to get ironed out relatively soon.