V1.4.01 shock and movement

Just downloaded update v1.4.01 and now my olm3 keeps freezing listing “Gyroscope: Shock and Movement detected! Check TroubleShooting Section in User Manual” Earlier versions of show adjusting $262, But I don’t have $262 When I put in query $$ I skip from $222 to $300. Any ideas how to get my olm 3 from freezing up due to gyro error? Thanks, Rob

Hope you don’t mind but I thought, even though it’s not a hardware issue, it is an Ortur laser and @OrturTech, Gill is pretty up on these…

I can’t answer… hopefully someone will shortly…

Good luck


Note that the shock sensor has nothing to do with LightBurn.

You can find information about OLM3 GRBL configuration here:
GRBL Settings OLM3_210.pdf (ortur.tech)

Shock detection is $603.

$603 5 Shock detection alarm threshold Value range: 0~1000, The Recommended value = 3, If the alarm threshold for shock detection is set to 0, the function is disabled

If you’re not already updated, I’d suggest updating to the latest firmware.

Well Thank you it works at value 0 but errors at value 1 or above. May I ask what is the danger of working with the detector disabled? Thanks Rob

Let’s say your laser is shifting slightly due to rapid movements. If it were to walk itself off the platform it was on you could potentially have a scenario where the laser is continuing to fire after the fall and cause risk of fire. Similarly you could have something fall onto the laser and run into a similar scenario.

This isn’t as much of a concern if you have a reliable way of securing the laser and an enclosure to prevent accidental disruption.

Feet are locked into cut circles in wasteboard base so I think I’m good there. Thank you

I don’t have an OLM but am wondering if its like the xTool that only allows you to modify certain settings via their own software ?

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