Vector Image not complete filling

Hey, I am working a while with LightBurn in our local Hackerspace and I am extremely Happy with it. Thanks for the great effort!

But I have a small problem: Normaly I import a vector-file and if I want to invert it, I just hit outline and everything works fine (or put a circle around). But not here, can someone explain me why this is? How I can fix it or maybe if its just okay to use a good png with black and white. Thanks in Advance:


With Outline and circle around it ( the orange color is just in the background, so please ignore it)

As you see the Tail and the Body should also be “not engraved” (orange)

It appears that you’re getting an outline on the inside.

Yes thats true, but why? Its set on Outside

If you can post the lightburn file, it would be helpful for troubleshooting

forum_example.lbrn (3.3 MB)
Done :slight_smile: Thanks for helping !

So, are you wanting it to look like the first pic when it engraves?

forum_example 1.lbrn (509.4 KB)

No, It should be inverted. More like this

Orange is not lasered, Black is lasered.

ok. try this. if that’s right i can tell you what i did.

forum_example 2.lbrn (544.5 KB)

oh, i see the orange is not lasered, but the black is. hmm.

try this one?

forum_example 3.lbrn (578.1 KB)

The second one was perfect “Forum_example 2”, just needed to put a circle around it. How did you do that?

So all i did was grab just the very outside line vector of that graphic by itself and then just did a small offset to the inside. i think it was .003" then just turned the fill layer back on and that’s it. Does that make sense? i can try and post some screenshots if necessary

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Ah thats cool! Got it. I grabbed the outside of the vector and made it like I needed it (put it on onside works also!) Thank you very much! Helped a lot!

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Awesome. Glad i was able to help out :v:

This explains it with a bit more depth: How do I invert (negate) a vector engraving?

Thanks, but this I use often. The problem was, I thought outline is making the outline of a group not of every single element.

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