Ventilation Automatic Extended Run

Hi everyone.

I have just been doing some mods to my 900 x 600 mm Ruida 6445G controlled machine including auto stop start on the ventilation system.
Sometimes though I want the ventilator to continue to run after the end of the burn and that’s possible when I change back to manual however I wanted it automated.

Enter the microcontroller :sunglasses:

I put together a small device with display and selectable extended run periods between 5 seconds and ten minutes before it turns itself off .
I will be ordering printed circuit boards to mount everything onto and 3D printing a housing but I wondered , before I order, if this might be interesting for other users.

If so, please just drop me a note in the next 5/7 days so I can order boards if needed.

I know everyone will be wondering about cost, so am I :roll_eyes::thinking::grin:

For that reason I will be trying a much cheaper microcontroller than the current ESP32 that I’m using.

Really I just want to know if it’s interesting to people.



LOL, a microprocessor and display and a run of boards just to turn a fan on and off.

You’re as bad as I am. :smiley:

Edit: After i reread my post I hope it didn’t come off as derogatory in any way. It wasn’t meant to be, I think it’s a great project and I’m curious to see the finished result. It just seems like overkill for such a simple task, in that way that I have done so many times in the past. :slight_smile:

Haha. For overkill, read fun :grin:

It took me 45 minutes for the hard and software, the design for the box will take longer but I’m thinking acrylic…

I did the control box for ancillary items from acrylic with green and red leds to show working or safe.

We do teaching for STEM and STEAM teachers so projects are a way of life :crazy_face::crazy_face::shushing_face:

Not sure if these will upload due to file size…

Will see :crazy_face:Love the 1960s mA meter :grin::grin:

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It may very well be that it is overkill but what a beautiful one. :+1:
Is this ammeter original or a retro?

I totally understand the relationship between overkill and fun. :smiley:

It seems to be a fact of life that coming up with a nice enclosure almost always takes longer than the electronics it houses. Nice job on the acrylic enclosure!

Thanks guys, the ammeter is genuine 1960s Czeck from a teacher in Kostenets Town…

I wanted something with character in a modern surround :slight_smile:

Just an update to this.

I was looking for a commercial timed relay to do the delay and was coming up with units in the 35 / 45 Euro range and that’s why I went to the 7 Euro home built.


AliExpress and for 8 USD about 8 Euro there’s the commercial unit…so why go through the making of housings etc…

Here’s a previous thread setting out everything, thanks team :sunglasses::grin:



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