Version 1.0 Mac Issue Ruida Burn Failed to Finish

Mac Big Sir Ver 11.5, Orion Moto Tech Red machine with Ruida Controller.

I upgraded to version 1.0 and on my first burn everything went great for about 95% of the burn. Then the machine stopped and sort of locked up. I could hit the “Start/Pause” button on the controller and it would make one more horizontal pass, but then stop. After about 10 hits of the button, I realized that the laser heads alignment was off and I needed to try something else. I re-installed Version 0.9.24 and the rest of my projects completed without a hitch.

My iMac is connected to the laser via a USB.

I’ve uploaded the file that crashed. The machine tripped up at about the 7 min 30 sec mark.

Thank you for the AMAZING software. Usually, upgrades go without a hitch.

2021 08 16 Fagnant.lbrn (811.4 KB)

Thanks for this update and glad to hear you are up with 9.24. We are working on this, and if willing, there is a version posted in this thread that you can try:

We are trying to collect information and cluster all the related issues together.

I do appreciate the update above, but I have some bad news. I just downloaded and installed LightBurn 1.0.01, built Wed 2021-08-18 @ 12:08, and I had exactly the same problem. I have updated to Mac Big Sir ver 11.5.2.

Does Version 1.0.01 include the patch mentioned in the thread above?

Look here:

Just posted on the other thread with tech specifics. Ver 1.0.02 WORKED!!! Back a million years ago I used to code, I’m glad you have a passion to dig into the code to find solutions to these things.