Vertical Lines not engraving

Hey i’m trying to make a grid layout on my waste board but my laser is not engraving the vertical lines.

The laser moves WITH BEAM all lines, but only engraves horizontal, there’s nothing engraved vertical. Whats wrong?

I’m using Line Mode!

Ortur Laser Master 2, 15w

I followed Ricks tutorial: Waste board grid

Sorry for double posting but i tried now everything without success.

I really need some advice/ help here.

@LightBurn can you please help out here?

Go slower. Your diode beam is a line, and it’s probably horizontal. If so, it means that when moving horizontally, you get more power out of the laser than you do when moving vertically. You need to choose the power for the weaker direction.

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@LightBurn so you mean if i go horizontal 3000/100 i should go vertical 1500/100?

Hi, I would go for the lower power which gives you the best burn for both vertical and horizontal.

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