Vision 20W barely moves from home

When creating a design, I place it in the furthest corner of the work area from the home position. The workarea size is correct, and the positioning is correct, when I hit auto focus the machine goes to the center and focuses, then when i frame it, the laser moves a half inch out and over and makes a 1/4 inch square. This is over the rail, obviously this is an issue. I even tried making the work area a HUGE area, 90 inches over and the laser head still only moved about an inch. I went to the manual controls and made the movements as big as i could, and it still took 15 moves to get to center of the work area. Please help!

From the center, a half inch is over the rail?
Home the machine.
Set the Start From: to Absolute Coords.

Then come back and tell it what it does when you Frame.

No, it automatically rehomes, I do have it set to absolute cords. when auto focussing as I stated it goes top the center as it is supposed to, then goes home after getting z cordinates. then from home it moves slightly to frame the work. I have been through wecreat support to try to get it working but they said they are at a loss to reach out to lightburn.

Create a new laser Device by importing this WeCreat.lbdev (3.3 KB).
Then follow this guide:

Lightburn has nothing to do with Homing the laser. It is just a tool to issue the $H GRBL command to the controller. Homing is entirely within the controller. There is no “automatic rehome” in the system. It may go to the Home location at the end of a job run, but that is not Homing.

That said, the Lightburn Forum may be able to help. We ask questions and you answer them. You are our eyes and ears at the machine.

We will try to decide if it is a machine or procedure issue with the machine getting first attention.

In the Console window, enter $22=0 to turn off the Home enable. Then shut the machine off, move the laser to the corner that is supposed to be the Home position, and power up the laser.
Click the Set Origin button in the Move window.
Now try to Jog the machine away from that corner.
Report any error messages or that it was a success.

We are confirming motion control is functional.

When I did this, it moves, but only in very small increments. Even if i but in set position x-10 inch and y-10 inch. it moved about half an inch in both directions.

Did you do what @parsec recommended? That is a machine parameters file that you must use.

Yes, I did follow that guide when I originally started the process.

The posting below implies your machine does not play well with Lightburn. Go thru it trying his method and see if you have ony success. I know this was posted above by @parsec , but maybe you skipped over it. If it still fails, I recommend you consider it a warranty issue.