Want to import more fonts to LightBurn

How can I Import more fonts for text burning? I am new to this whole laser engraving.

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The LaserBurn font pulldown menu only shows Ariel and nothing more. Control Panel font list shows dozens of font but don’t showup in LB font menu. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Are you using LightBurn 0.9.02? You should update.

Sorry about that, I have 9.2 not 9.02 . Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

How many fonts do you have installed on this computer? Where are they installed, the default location for Windows or are they in a custom folder location? Are there ‘Cloud Fonts’ involved?

Now you started something. When I went looking for my font file and found it and then went back to LightBurn those fonts have now appeared in the pulldown menu. Now I just have to add the font I want to my font file.
Thanks for the push in the right direction.

You are welcome. By the way, the name of the product is LightBurn. :slight_smile:

The thing you mention happens if you grab and twist the laser, in a to-and-fro motion very fast. I remember seeing kids do this to each other’s arm. It can also happen if you try to slide on the beam on ones knees, like a rug burn.

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