Want to over lap a part on top of another, but can't figure out how to get rid of the outline

My first Laser project, the wife has lots - lots of earrings, the original acrylic shelf with 1/16 holes drilled about 4 strips is just over flowing. I found this Ferris wheel plan for free (my speed) and want to modify it by adding more “rungs” to hold more earrings.

I have been able to dink at one of the Ferris wheels sides and delete what I didn’t want. But I still need to clear out an area in-between the “tabs” so when I lay one on top of the other to get my need tabs (so I won’t have to learn to draw half circles) The laser won’t cut them all off. See pictures. The problem is that when I select the line in-between, the whole design is selected, I can’t un-group any more, when I try the ungroup is grayed out.

Remembered from Youtube, select from the left to right, you only get partial objects to delete and if right to left then you grab everything.

xample 1

finishl product
If I lay one over another, the laser will cut off the round tabs and that’s no “Bueno”. How can I just delete a small part when the over lay will go without too much extra work? No matter what if I try to select the small area that I want to delete, the whole design is selected.

G’day Charles. I don’t actually use LB for editing so others may give better advice, but I think what you’re looking for is the Boolean Union feature.

You probably need to ungroup your project first.
There are “easy” solutions for what you want to achieve, upload your file here so we can help you without having to draw it all ourselves.

Mark, you are awesome - that worked perfectly thank you, “learned” me something new

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