Wavy Engraving - A few steps already taken

OMTech - Rudia - 60W

Got a laser that had a stripped screw on the x-axis belt. There are two screws that put tension on the belt and one was completely worn out. We luckily have a replacement bracket that I was able to install, so now both screws are able to be tightened. Now… the engravings are still way out of sync and engraving along the x-axis seems impossible for the machine to make straight lines.

This is little to go on here.

Are the ‘wavy’ lines in the x or y axes?

Did you fix the screw on the X axis belt?

A picture would make it more clear…


Hello and thank you for responding!

Wavy lines are on the x-axis.

I replaced the x-axis belt bracket and both screws.

I should have apologized in advance. My first submission to the Lightburn community and had no idea how in-depth I should go with my description. I am fairly fresh to the laser experience and my knowledge of terms is limited. Do not want to confuse if I don’t need to :slight_smile:

The more information you can give us, the better. We are not there to see what is happening so it is best to describe with as much information as possible. It would also be a good idea to show a couple of photos of the problem you have. In this case, A picture is worth a thousand words.

You posted it while I was writing to you. I have had a few CO2 lasers and now I am using a couple of LED machines. I never ran into this problem, so I am, sorry that I am unable to help. I think it’s best if you wait for Jack to reply. I think he might be able to help you out. Good luck!

No worries and thank you for taking the time to comment. I will wait for Jack.

It looks like two Y-axis motors are out of sync in small steps, as if one advances more than the other.

So far todays troubleshooting has been tweaking all of the screws and tension brackets to see if this will help.

Results are inconclusive as the engraving is not straight and pulls either to the middle or the outside boundary.

Is there a good guide for tensioning the belts on a black and yellow chinese laser?

Examining these, it does a slow shift, but never really looses sync with the design. I would think the basic controller would be eliminated. I’ll mention a possible exception.

How I evaluate these also include if it is a single item at a time or if there is a row of them to see if the problem is corrected or propagates on the next item. That also depends on how you have them being lased or what type of optimizing is enabled. I’m assuming certain ideas of how it’s being produced.

Do you do ‘sets’ of these?

If so is the problem propagated?

This is a shot in the dark, but I think it might show more of a problem at some speeds, so I’ll post the link to the issue. You are only having an issue with a single axes, so if you try this, which shouldn’t hurt, only change that axes, not both.

I’ll wait to hear back… maybe I can come up with something else…


Ran a test with 4 in a line. I normally make around 50-100 of these a day. Never ran into this problem before but been using the OMTech laser that is being offered at Rochester MakerSpace as a community resource. As you can expect, there are a few users that tend to get their hands on this machine every week. I volunteer to maintain the laser and work on it when in need. This issue has already taught me a lot about these lasers!

As you can see from the example above, the engravings are all out of sync from one another and the issue does not duplicate itself exactly. Engravings are set to 300mms

Toggled the PWM setting within the Machine Settings. Just to be clear, I turned on the PWM setting. Ran a test and then turned off the PWM setting and ran another test.

No luck. Image is still skewed and not straight.

Alrighty, we may have found a problem. The pulley for the x-axis was loose. After I took the belt off, I was able to slide the pulley off the shaft by using my hands. There was a lot of metal dust as well what looks to be severe grinding. We are going to use a minute epoxy (JB Weld) to see if this holds the pulley in place.

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