Wavy vertical lines

Who can help me?
My vertical lines are not straight but with little waves. This happens when i cut a circle and and on the left and right side of the square.
The circle does not connect either (it’s about 9 cm)
I have already tightened the tires and checked all the mirrors ans screws. How can I fix this? Help!

See photo below.

80w 70x50 laser machine with Ruida controller

P.s. the machine regularly forgets 1 line with the engraving of an image, could that also be related to this? Or could that be because of the flood fill function?

mechanical problems… loose belt, loose hardware, loose mirror, just to name a few.

Already tightened the belts and checked the mirrors. Can you be more specific about wich hardware?

you’ve stated nothing about your machine so I have no idea what kind of hardware, software, or anything about what you are doing but trying to make a circle…

oh, you just said MIRRORs so now I can guess you have a CO2 laser! Hardware is mirror mounts, laser head on its carriage, mirror on the laser head and also the lens inside the laser head. ANYTHING which can make the laser beam wiggle. And you do not want to over tighten the belts because stretching them can cause them to not fit the teeth of the motor gear and cause problems.

Thanks for your reply! Sorry, i’ve 80w laser with 70x50 bed. If there is a mirror loose, the horizontal line had to give the same wavy lines, right? Or am i wrong? Good point about the belts, i was worried about that


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Wow, thanks for your help! I will try all this, allready cut a square of a piece of cardboard and 4mm playwood and the measurements are 99.2 mm x99 mm instead of 100. So i have to calibrate for sure