Web based alternative designer that can save files that are easily imported into LB>

Kind of a weird question, but here is the reason why.
While I am at work, I have some down time and would like to do some quick edits/creations that I can save and quickly/easily import into LB.
I have LB at home but I don’t want to install it on my work computer.
Is there a web based app that I can do some creation similar to LB or Inkscape without actually installing software?

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A few:

google is your friend. :laughing:

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Well, being that I’m new to LB, I’m not 100% sure which file type is the easiest to convert from!
BTW… Google is not ALWAYS your friend! They are snoopy at the very least!

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I would also suggest Canva. Another recommendation that was made to me was…‘GIMP’ but in all transparency I’ve yet to dig into that further.

Canva is raster based. If you want vector based, look at


Ralph, parsec points to a SVG editor in Canva, so it is not only raster based. That said, I don’t know the capabilities of this editor. It seems a bit simplistic and indeed bitmap oriented, a quick look didn’t show Bézier edition, for example.

Sabrina, Gimp is a bitmap editor, more similar to Photoshop than Illustrator. And it has to be installed (there might be a portable version, without installation; same for Inkscape).

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I stand corrected. My free Canva can import a vector file, but cannot export a vector SVG, but it can export a vector PDF. I just tested that.

When I go to export SVG, it comes up with an icon that I need the paid version.

That being said, the Canva company recently purchased Serif Ltd, which sells Affinity Designer. I have that program, and it is similar to Adobe Illustrator, and it exports SVG, AI, PDF.


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