What a type of diode laser?

hello i have atomstack A5 pro 40W

its good only for cuting materials ??

i want to do portraits what a machine is good for portraits? because atomstack have not regular lense…so is really so bad this Machine for ALL or only for portraits and others things is good?? i bought it for 230€ so im asking if i made bad choice :confused:

what u recommending? to buy

LaserWillie member told me to return it if i can that is not good machine for portraits

i read on websites about my machine info that my laser have minimum 0.23mm laser beam so it mean i can do only 110DPI maximum portraits ? :confused:

i have plywood POPLAR
A5 format – 1hour – 1hour 40min
i have air assist

That’s… not what I said.

Then you should do a burn test to figure out the best settings for poplar and then use the other link I provided to test making portraits. There are some extremely skilled members here that use basic lasers to make some amazing portraits.

I’m not sure the max DPI of my AtomStack but to be honest, I rarely go above 300 DPI as it takes too long to get even a single wooden coaster done.

Ortur’s have swappable lenses so you can cut and engrave finer. If you really want more ability and DPI you should look into a K40 CO2 laser. Very fast and precise but they are not for someone who cannot tinker with them.

:innocent: :sunglasses: thanks i will try

burn test u mean grayscale right? or my machine cant do GRAYSCALE ?

i want just 130-200dpi engraving but idk if my machine can do this …how to find out how thiner is my laser? how measure this?

I’ve already linked to it once.

Then you should be just fine as I do 300 DPI all day and have done up to 600 DPI engraving.

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