What did i do wrong in this power test?

i used a web app to generate the base for this https://o2creative.co.nz/laser/ , then i changed min power to 100% to try to cut the corners…

but all the squares cut at basically 100%, so it seems like power scale doesn’t get applied or min is overriding?

ruidia 644 controller

bad-powerScale Basic Power-10-90 Speed-20-100.lbrn (60.9 KB)

‘Power Scale’ works as a range within the Min and Max power set for that layer. If you set both to 100% there is no range between these 2 settings. For Power Scale to work, you need to set a different min than max, power scale will provide scaling the power between these 2 numbers.

Said another way…

ok thats what i though it might be, so how do i adjust corner cutting to use a scaled value from what i read about min power it was used in low speed and corner cutting ? in the power test squares the corners on cuts that are slightly less power dont succeed in cutting whereas the rest does.

The information is here on the forum…

If you need to generate a power test that uses the same power value for everything, you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, one layer per square.

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