What does Camera do?

Can someone tell me what the benefit of the camera is? Does it automatically calibrate to the coordinates it sees? Trying to figure out if this would be a better way to get more accurate set up.
Thank you in advance.

The camera makes it extremely convenient to get aligned to your material on the bed. It is not automatic, but it gives a top view visual of your bed and whatever is on it, in the layout area within lightburn…

A live snapshot of the bed is overlayed into the workspace in Lightburn, with your material in the exact location in the workspace as it is on the laser bed… This way you are not required to set up a jig or forced to align via measuring and transposing into lightburn…

Worth it!!

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That’s great!!! Thank you!

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Here is a nice way to “see” what LightBurn camera integration provides. :slight_smile: