What does line, fill, and line+fill translate to?

I just recently downloaded Lightburn coming from RDworks. RDworks had Cut and Scan. What does the line, fill, and line+fill mean and can i change them to cut and scan?


In LightBurn, Line=Cut and Fill=Scan. Fill+Line provides for scanning and outlining shapes in a single layer. We changed these names to help some of our new users who would ask things like, “I see cut, but how do I make a line just to mark something?”. :slight_smile:

how do i make a line to mark somthing? high speed low power…as you can see (new user here) scan and cut coming from rdworks is the norm…how many other changes were made to accomidate “new user”?..this is a serious question it sounds snarky but it is not how im intending it, i promise. Thank you very much for response

This will walk you though the interface, and there’s a simple project about 4 pages in that includes the basics for settings. It’s very similar to RDWorks in the way things work, to try to make that transition easier.