What does the camera do?

I am new to this. I have a red/black China 700x500 machine. What does the camera do for you. And which one and where to mount

This video is self explanatory on the benefits

Here is link to a post to help you figure out which camera you need based on your bed size



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image :slight_smile:

If you meant this as a question, this is a good place to start:

We usually suggest mounting the camera here:

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2 out of 3 still not bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you use the camera with the lid open do the set up then close lid to engrave?


But when it is closed you can still see somewhat what is going on inside.

So what is the best camera and lense angle for a 700 x 500 when lid open its 660mm from bed when bed is all the way up

The one that will see your entire bed.

Rick provided you links above and one of them is a calculator where you put in those numbers and it tells you the results. Did you try to do this? Was there something insufficient?

“Here’s what I came up with, can you please double check my math?” will go a lot farther than “do my homework for me.”

I did the calculater it came out to 1.06. I just thought there might be someone that would have what worked best for them on the same size machine. I am new to this and dont want to waist money

Where do you get cameras from?

When they’re not sold out, here:

We’re hoping to have stock again within the next few days.

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