What machine do I have?

Hi all just got a laser cutter last week… no idea what it is! got it cutting and engraving but i’d like to know a bit more about the machine anyone know what it is??! apart from a blue one :stuck_out_tongue:

Its got a Ruida 644GX, the air assist is built in, along with the extractor fan, also has a mA meter on the laser PSU …

No idea what this machine is looking at the model number, I just get the black and red’s or yellow ones… but this blue … All help welcomed, as I want to look at upgrades.

Appears to be a Shenhui SH-G570 with a 500 x 700 work area.

Product Specifications

Laser power 80W/100W(optional)
Laser Type Hermetic CO2 glass tube
Power Supply AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10% 60Hz
Working Area 500mm700mm
Max Moving Speed 1500mm/s
Worktable up&down worktables/fixed worktable(optional)
Locating Precision <0.01mm
Min Shaping Character Character:2
Operating Temperature 5℃-35℃
Resolution Ratio ≤4500dpi
Control Configuration DSP
Data Transfer Interface USB(offline)
System Environment Windows2000/Windows xp/Visa/Win7
Cooling Way Water cooling and protection system
Graphic Format Supported Files which CorelDraw,Photoshop,AutoCAD can identify(BMP,GIF,JPEG,PCX,TGA,TIFF,PLT,CDR,DMG,DXF,PAT,CDT,CLK,DEX,CSL,CMX,AI,WPG,WMF)
Machine Dimension 1280
Package Dimension 1400
1015*1270 mm
Net Weight 165 kg
Gross Weight 240 Kg
Compatible Software CorelDraw,AutoCAD
Cutting Thickness 0-10mm(depends on different materials)
Color Separation Separation of cutting up to 256 colors
Sloping Engraving Yes,slope can be designed discretionarily
Cuts off the water supply the protection Yes
Spectification Red dot/Air assistant/PMI guide rail/RD6442 board/Up&down worktable/Imported/focus lens/Leadshine motor and drive/Coreldraw/autocad output directly/USB port,DSP high-speed card,LCD display panel,support offline
Optional Parts Cylinder rotary/irregular rotary/Chiller/Auto focus/Honeycomb/aluminium kniffe/multicolor panel/multicolor TFTtouch screen/CW3000/CW5000

Company Website

Alibaba Profile

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Looks like you got one with all the bells and whistles, I see a water cooler in the side as well.

The only possible challenge that I see is that your machine is 220v . @Stroonzo gave you all the intelligence on the model #

Where do you live


Thanks @Stroonzo I managed to find that page and the machine spec’s are good. I’m liking it so far, but can i find a picture of the actual machine on there site … :frowning: nope! and nothing else on youtube or online I can find for this machine. I’m just trying to make sure I didn’t get a one off prototype or something!

@Sasquatch, I’m in the UK so 220v is grand for me :smiley: Trying to see what I’ve not got e.g. no rotary table.

Might do a review / unboxing of it …

hi do you still have a co2 laser? I have an identical one and I have a problem with it.


This the same laser which I have. It’s the 60W (50W) version. I have had it almost a year and so far it has been reliable and faultless. A friend had a K40 and as soon as he saw mine he also purchased on. His has been equally reliable. The machine is quite well built and the wiring is pretty good. I had planned to spend time on the wiring but to be fair it’s pretty good. I have modified my machine quite a bit.
The first thing I would say is replace the air assist pump as soon as you can as the stock one is next to useless. The 2nd thing would be to put decent extraction on it, again, the stock fan is poor at best. With just these two things you machine will be transformed.
In the time I have had this machine I have made quite a few modifications/upgrades, most recently upgraded the tube for a SPT TR75 tube. Very happy with this.

Any questions I would be happy to answer.

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hi david i have the same machine i am trying to setup a rotary how do i find out the wiring order for the 4 pin plug

any help would be appreciated


Hi Gary,
I don’t use a rotary so not able to advise regarding the wiring.
Hope you get sorted.


ok thanks for replying just another question where did you buy your tube from and did you need to change power supply ???