What to upgrade?

I have a vevor l3 3040 5.5w diode and i am quite new to laser engraving but have been around cnc machines and 3D printing for many years

The 3040 comes with a control board thats an arduino mini it looks like.

The laser is 10w 5.5w (2 diodes)

Whats the recogmend upgrade for this unit? What do you think?

I have some very very soft wood coasters i was struggling to get a photo on with details, i found 500m/s and 30% gave some detail and looked quite nice once a little sanding was done.

I would like to have a faster speed say 1000mm/s with the above wood stock

I am trying different wood stock.

I am looking at https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1005003511726139.html?gatewayAdapt=Pc2Msite

For a new control board to replace the arduino nano that came with the machine.

What do you guys think of this board?
Easy to setup?

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