What type of laser - CNC add on

Afternoon all, my partner and I have just purchased our first CNC and looking at the addition of a laser to create items for her already established business that were currently buying items for.

Most of the items will be either etched or cut out. So looking for a last that’s powerful enough to cut thin (3-4mm) and etch on woods such as MDF and ply, along with some hard woods.

Open to suggestions as to which laser to purchase. We have an Open Builds 1010 Queenbee.

Thanks in advance.

Cutting 4mm MDF with a diode is almost certainly going to need air assist of some kind, and it’s going to take quite a while. I would suggest using the laser to engrave surface detail, and using the CNC to actually do the cutting.

J-Tech makes a quality product, they’re honest with their power ratings, and you can run them at 100% all day without worrying that you’ll burn them out.

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