When your old computer dies, can you trash the license it used?

Good morning LBers.

Just came into the office and started up the laser, but functions disabled. Finally remembered that I went in trial mode as I couldnt activate my license on this new (replacement) desktop I have here.

I probably should of got in touch sooner. Can I trash the usages on my license and start fresh with the 2 computer rule (I really only need 1 from now on) my licensed email is jon@computerninja.uk

Be good to start getting my orders out the door again today if I can :sunglasses:


Please see the following help sections regarding licenses and managing them:

Thank you for that. I did think this may be the case. And its far too early for me to be sensible and search, for that I apologise.

Haha no worries, we are here to help :grinning:

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