Where are auto backup stored

HI I just had LB crash v 1.0.01 and when reopened prompted to recover from backup file, selected yes to recover and got a new blank page
where does LB autosave the backup file?

thanks Anthony

I’ve found them stored where I loaded or saved the program. I see them tagged with …backup.lbrn2

On linux:

jack@Kilo:~$ find 2>/dev/null ~/ -iregex “.*backup.lbrn2$”

They seem to be where I was working on them… :wink:

Take care :slight_smile:

just done a search for lbrn2 and found 5 autosaves in my docs folder from the last 2 months but none from yesterday. the amount I have used LB I would have expected to be hundreds of autosaves. I guessing the autosave or backup only works if the job is given a filename?

If you are working on a LightBurn file, the auto-save is stored right beside the original, with the same name, but _backup appended to it. The ‘AutoSave_xxxxx.lbrn’ files are the ones that were never named.

If I open LB do 1 hrs work and not save it there should be a autosave_XXXX.lbrn file somewhere?
I have autosave set for 5min
also with autosave and or backup are they incremental with each save

Yeah, there should be. They aren’t incremental - each autosave overwrites the last one, and if you save the file, the autosave is removed.

If you’ve never named a file, the auto-save will be in your Documents folder.

That explains why I can’t find the autosave from yesterday.
I left lightburn open while I was looking for the autosave by the time I found it LB had already done a autosave today on a blank page wiping yesterdays autosave before the crash.

LightBurn should not crash. If it does, we want to know, so we can try and reproduce and fix the code. We can’t do that if we don’t see the report. Please provide any crash reported via this forum or email to support along with a description of what you were doing just before the crash. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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