Where have the "Clear/Set Origins" buttons gone?

Hi. I have bought a laptop to run my laser cutter.
This one has windows 10
Downloaded the LightBurn app but when I came to use it, there are no set/clear origin buttons on the Move tab?
I have looked in window tools and added Move, Cuts/layers and console to the function settings but the set/clear don’t show? Saw a common problem from 2020 but would like it in simple non-tech speak. Thanks

Make sure you have the same settings on both PCs:

WOW. So it’s not just a case of downloading the app and loading up the key code?
Will have to go through this step by step. Thanks

The license code is “authorization” to use the software, rather than “configuration” for a particular machine. :grin:

With that in mind, while you can have multiple installations and multiple machines, sharing files & configurations through cloud storage providers introduces serious jank. Should you eventually need such things, start by trawling the forum for pointers.

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Hi. Did what you recommended. However Clear/set origins are still not visible. Neither are the machine control buttons (pause/stop/start/Frame / Frame O/ Home and Go to Origin.
I have opened the cut/layers/ Move. Any Idea what I need to do?

All of those are in the Laser window, rather than the Move window: is that entire window missing?

Other than making sure you have the same laser device selected on both PCs, I’m out of ideas.

Upload screenshots of the LightBurn window so we can see what you’re (not) seeing.

@berainlb has an encyclopedic knowledge of such things, so let’s see what he has to say.

This is the screen shot of my iMac set up. All keys showing

I think @ednisley was expecting a shot of your Move window. The Laser window seems to have all the controls you said were missing.

You had mentioned missing the machine control buttons, which are now present. Is this a change for the better?

A screenshot of the Move window would be helpful.

I think the GRBL-LPC is the wrong device type for an Ender 3, based on discussions along these lines:

Select plain GRBL and see if that improves things.

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That moment when you realise what you have been doing wrong…
I was trying to set up the laptop while the laser cutter was running, controlled by my iMac. As soon as it had finished I connected my laptop to the machine and there it was… Thank you everyone who answered. Sorry for being such a cluts…