Which camera to buy for my Laguna Laser MX

I am waiting on delivery of my new Laguna Smart Shop Laser MX. I want to proactively order the 8MP LightBurn Camera (4K-W) camera, but not sure which camera to buy for this machine. Does anyone else have a Laguna Laser MX with a lightburn camera?

Thanks and happy holiday’s to all.

Just ordered one for my machine, a China Blue. There is a ‘help’ section on it, but you need to know the distance between where you are going to mount it and the table…

I’m sure you are thinking like me… I don’t know the height…

If no one has one they can measure it could be a problem. Having one of these, the cameras are easy to come by and low cost. Wait till the machine arrives and figure out where you want to place it. Don’t get in a rush…

Good luck, mines supposed to be here in a couple of weeks…



Thank you Jack, I appreciate your feedback.

Well, my new Laguna Laser MX arrived today and its a beauty. As you suggested, I was patient and waited to order the camera :).

I plan to install the camera where I can view the bed with the lid closed. With an 8MP HD camera and good lighting, the image should be clear and sharp enough where I can easily move the design around within Lightburn and align it with the image of the material on the work area in Camera Controls. Some may recommend the opposite approach. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that well or not LOL

I just measured the height from the honey comb bed to the lid and it’s 315mm or 12 inches. I am concerned about the clearance above the laser head and the camera, as well as the widest angle of the HD camera’s ability to see the entire 23’ x 35" work area.

With all that rambling said, I believe the open lid configuration may work best. I did notice that the lid on this machine is solid, does not wiggle or wobble when open, so this would help to eliminate having the re-align the camera MUCH too often because of a wobbly lid.

I think they are designed to be used with the door open. But I’m not an expert. Got my camera a week ago and have been interfacing to the Lightburn Bridge. Still have a few issues.

Purchased “8MP 70° Wide Angle Lens USB Camera Module 3264*2448 w/IMX179(1/3.2’’) Chip” from ebay.

Had to modify the 3d printed holder as the board had a ‘square’ lens instead of the round one…


If you don’t have the Laguna SmartShop Laser MX machine?

  • What is the height from the bed to the mounting position on your lid in the open position?
  • What size work area do you have?


Well, I wanted to close this topic with an update after speaking to the tech support guys at Laguna. Lightburn actually makes it quite easy, once I found out how:

  1. From the computer directly connected to the laser, open Lighburn.
  2. Go to Help - Camera Selection Help.
  3. Enter your machine bed measurements. Note that the numbers will be displayed in whatever measurements you have your software set to use (mm or inches).
  4. Carefully read everything in this window, it’s there to help ensure you get the correct camera for your laser.
  5. Based on your machine dimensions and the minimum height, select the camera that best fits your machine. (see my actual example below)


My Example: The bed on my Laguna SmartShop LaserMX is roughly 24" x 36" or 609.6mm x 914mm. I’d recommend rounding your measurements to the nearest whole number or standard size. i.e: my actual bed size is 23 x 35. I just rounded up to the next standard measurement of 24 x 36.

The height from the work bed (in it’s highest position) is 32" or 812.8mm. I selected the 8MP Camera (4K-N) - 75 degree. I also added the mount for this camera.

I hope this helps anyone else who may be struggling with the instructions on Lightburns Store website. Don’t hesitate to reply if I can help.

First post I mentioned the help section…


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