Which Cloudray laser head do I need?

I’m looking on eBay at the laser heads and not sure which one I need. I am thinking that the type C head might be correct, but not sure. Here is a photo of my head currently.

The reason I am asking the forum, is that Cloudray can’t tell me which one I need. They said that I would have to measure my head, but not sure which replacement head measurements I can compare it to.Has anyone used the Cloudray laser heads in a Chinese 60 watt red and black 800x500mm Ruida controller laser engraver? Thanks!

I have a 700 x 500 Black & Red Ebay laser that is working great with the head that came installed. I’m not sure I can help with your choice of head, but am curious as to why you feel you need to change. Is there an advantage to changing the head?

I bought a type C head to fit on my red&black that looks just like yours.
It will not fit without making some kind of custom bracket. (I knew that when I bought it.)

Note that the belt on your machine (and mine) has the face of the belt in a vertical position. Some red&blacks have the belt and motors rotated 90° so the face of the belt is horizontal (parallel with the work surface). Supposedly the type C head and its supplied bracket does bolt up to those machines.

It’s on my list of things to do soon to get an appropriate bracket made and put the C head on my machine, but it’s a long list and may be several more weeks.

@PWC: The stock head is fine for engraving, but very poor for cutting thick materials because with longer focal length lenses it puts the nozzle (and air assist) way too far above the work, and it also doesn’t work with long lenses because the lens mounts too close to the nozzle.

Thanks Hank, I appreciate the reply! The bracket on the type C head won’t work, when you make the new bracket, will you remove the offset ‘S’ bracket and then bolt the new bracket, or just adapt a new bracket to what is already in the type C head? I would be very interested in checking out your finished adapter.
And yes, Hank gave the answer to your question as to why I want another head. I want to be able to cut better and also engrave.

Hey Charlie,

I’m sorry I didn’t answer this sooner, but at the time I still didn’t have a clue what I was going to do and figured I’d wait a few days until I had a plan. Then other projects came up and this one sank to the bottom of the “to do” list for a while.

I ended up cutting the front part (that the head attaches to) off of the original metal bracket and left the part that points rearward and attaches the wire loom, the air hose, and also trips the X axis limit switch.

Then I made an acrylic bracket that attaches the new C-type head to the trolley.

It’s all back together now, I’ve got it aligned and have done a couple of jobs with it and it seems to work well.


Hank, thanks for the update, it looks good! I hesitate to cut the original bracket, but that looks like a good solution. Do you notice an improvement in the cutting performance on any material, and have you done any engraving with it yet? Thanks!

Yeah, i was hesitant to cut the original bracket in case “something bad” happened and I had to revert the stock arrangement. But after thinking about it a lot it simply seemed like The Easy Way Out so I went with cutting it.
It worked out fine, no regrets.

I really haven’t done anything yet to test if it’s much improved or not. I’ve engraved and cut some 1/8" plywood with a 2" lens and it seems the same which is no surprise. I engraved some glass with same 2" lens and that was the same also, no surprise.
I haven’t tried cutting anything that would test it’s abilities yet, but I did put a 4" lens in to engrave some bricks and I very much like a 4" lens for bricks. The slightly larger spot of a 4" is appropriate for brick and the depth of focus is HUGE and is a happy thing for the uneven/unlevel surface of bricks.
I wasn’t able to use a 4" with the old setup, so that much for sure is an improvement.