Which Lightburn Camera

Hello…Can someone please recommend which camera we need for our x900? working space is 37" x 22" the camera is mountable on the lid which is 9" from the workspace when it is at its highest adjusted setting.

This should be a simple mod but for some reason I cant wrap my head around which camera we need.


No worries, it happens. That is one of the reasons we created a helper. :slight_smile: Go to ‘Help’→’Camera Selection Help’, enter the size of your bed and you will see the mounting options for each camera. Double-click your choice to be taken to the page to purchase.

Oh, and look at what we have in the FAQ section… :wink:

Ok. That’s helpful. But it doesn’t meet the ‘minimum’ mounting height requirements. According to the help page you provided, I believe the 8mp w-110 is the way to go, but the minimum on that camera is 15.75’. Am I missing something? My minimum should be 9”

Thanks for the prompt reply BTW. We’re not in Glowforge anymore Toto!

You’re likely measuring with the lid closed, not open. See here:

yes, you nailed it. being used to the glowforge, Camera operates with the lid closed so i automatically i thought the same for 900.

So my lid when fully open is 34" to the work area. Is it safe to say we need the 8mp n-75 w min mounting height 30.84", or the 5mp -60 with 44.86" mounting height?

Can you help confirm which camera given info supplied on thread?

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The 8MP-N-75 , or the 8MP-W-95 will be your best options. I wouldn’t recommend the 5mp-60 for a machine as large as yours. The N-75 uses a smaller sensor than the W-95, and doesn’t work on MacOS, so if you’re running a Mac, the 95 is your best choice. Otherwise, either should work.

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