Which Rotary Device

I’m in the market for a rotary axis device and I’m curious as what you guys use.

Running a Red/Black 500X700 100W Ruida with LB

Are you trying to decide between a roller or chuck version?

I have the roller type, it’s fine for tumbler etc. But if you want to do anything with a handle you are out of luck. I am in the market for like in the picture, but I also don’t want to spend $250.00. I have found a DIY one, just need to figure out if I can strip my stepper motor off of my flat bed and use it or if I need to buy another on. Can probably build one out of acrylic for roughly $100.00. Just looking you can pick up the chuck style off Ebay for $170.00

Yeah that’s the one I was looking at. Not sure about the “chuck” type right now

I had some parts sitting around for an old 3D printer, used to rails and the motor to make this up. I put surgical tubing on the rails, I used MFD but acrylic would work just as well.

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I like it. Nice job.

I get’s better - etch the glass and add some beer

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