While running an SVG file machine stops after 10-15 minutes and laser is on full power

While running a Looney tune story board SVG file (original size is 600 mm I reduced to 100 mm) the laser will run anywhere! from 10-15 minutes before job completed and stops…with the laser on full power

That sounds like a communication issue drop out, or sleep behavior. Is your USB port set to sleep?

No everything is set max power…I have run 120 minutes straight when doing tiles…I tried T2 and it ran program…tried with LB …after 5-10-15 minutes shstops and laser beam goes on full…tried a DXF file for same vector and no issues…just doesn;t like this svg…maybee because I resized from 600 mm to 100 mm…I had this issue last year but soon realized that the stock usb cable was crappy…but everything runs great,dozens of photos on tiles wood (Nicky Norton in created with LightBurn)

Can you send me the SVG, and exported GCode, to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com? I’ll have a look. It actually sounds like you might have rotary mode enabled, or a weird GCode emit issue, but I can’t think of what. Especially if it stops in different places every time.

done…thanks for your time

Having the same issues with trace function…just posted

When you said, “I tried T2” did you emit the GCode from LightBurn and run that in T2, or did you just use T2 to send the job however it does the processing? Those are very different things, and if the issue is inconsistent, it could be wiring, a cold solder trace, anything.

I can’t imagine that if this was a gcode issue in LightBurn that you’d be the only person having trouble, so I’m trying to figure out what’s different for you.

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