Whitespace head travel

So, if I have a 14x20 project board sectioned off into different engravings in each corner. Why does the laser head engrave a little portion of the line, travel all the way to the other side, and engrave a little there, and travel all the way back and do it again. There is nothing to be engraved in the 10x16 center. It takes hours to get through a simple project. I have messed around with many of the settings but it still does the same thing. How can you tell the engraver to just engrave 1 section at a time vs all that head traveling accomplishing nothing?

You have several options to optimize your job for the desired output. You can select pieces of the job and only cut the selected objects using the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ option in the ‘Laser’ window. You can also define the desired order of the job using the ‘Optimization Settings’ in that same window. Have a look at this video to get a better understanding of these options and how best to apply them for your desired results.

EXCELLENT! That is just what I needed!

why is the setting “scan groups together” only available under Fill+Line?

It is also available under ‘Fill’ setting as both ‘Fill’ and ‘Fill+Line’ are scan type cut jobs which can leverage this option.

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