Who here produces rubber stamps

Does anyone have any material tips ?

I saw this rubber sheet for stamp engraving on Amazon which is not gray and it stood out to me.



This is the one I am used to seeing and was wondering if the colored one had any benefits over the gray one


Apparently no one. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I do… but I’m still trying to find the link to the stuff I’ve been using. I thought I got it at amazon, but it’s not in my list of past purchases. :disappointed:

It’s kind of a greenish gray. It’s the only kind I’ve used and it seems to work fine. I’ve made a couple dozen stamps is all.

Must be all of the e-documents nobody uses paper anymore

Hmm, finally found it in my amazon history.
The stuff shown in the photo now looks gray, but what bought last summer is quite distinctly greenish.

Here’s one of the little Kitty City stamps I made when our local animal shelter opened their new community cat room. It stomps out a logo about 1-1/8" wide.


I think it’s the same as this

2.3 mm thickness

$13.99 vs. $52.00
It’s a little more cost effective in case I screw up :rofl:

Thank you @Hank I like your stamp support you made it looks very nice and functional.



Which one is more cost effective? $52 is for a 5 pack vs $13.99 for a single sheet.

@Hank what I meant is if I screw up then I will only lose $ 13.99 as I try to figure out stamps then your deal is a way better deal after I figure it out.

With this COVID19 quarantine and $$$$ being tight I was trying to find a cheap way to dabble with stamps… No disrespect to you amazing deal which is way better then what I found.

Thank you for sharing, I truly appreciate your share @Hank


Heh, I figured I was gonna screw up for sure so I got 5 sheets. 4 to eff up and 1 to make good stamps. :smiley:

It’s actually turned out to be pretty easy and straightforward. My biggest error is occasionally forgetting to mirror the image before I burn. Nothing like a Return Address stamp that’s backwards… DOH!
I bought the stuff a year ago and I’m about 1/4 of the way through the 3rd sheet so I don’t regret buying a 5 pack.


yes. I was going to say $70 vs $57 (for 5 sheets):

Funny that’s like my wife spending $100 dollars but she said she saved me $200.

I rather save $300 by not spending anything :rofl:

I’m cheap like that


Also, you can buy these sheets on aliexpress for $3.40 each free shipping. But the best news is ----> Just buy natural rubber sheet. That’s all this is.


I use the red rubber and it works great!

Dollar store erasers work great too!


Brilliant! I love it!

Well that’s a heck of a lot cheaper to experiment with! Thanx @HalfNormal



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I pay under $10 for orange and grey sheets. Engraves well, get good shoulders and detail.

But, Aliexpress - so may not be as convenient as Amazon, for you. Just search for ‘rubber stamp a4 sheet’.

Have you used it? It’s cheap enough to give it a crack. I’d love to get a range of stamps going.

I knew I should have bought a couple of those big lumps of drying latex when we in a hut in borneo :slight_smile:

@Bonjour can you tell the difference in quality between the two colors or are they basically the same ?

I’ll buy some and let you know. R&D time.