Why can you go from 100% to 200% on move

When im trying to cut 3mm plywood it takes about 5 passes at 100% laser power.
I thought 100% was the maximum ?

But on the move yo can adjust the speed and the power.
So when i adjust the power to 200% on move
it will cut 3mm plywood on 2 passes , why can I not put the cutting power to 200% which works a lot better !


That’s true if the LightBurn S value max matches the GRBL $30 value, which are typically both 1000 these days. In that case, any increase of power beyond 100% does nothing, because it has no way to increase the output power beyond the $30 setting.

If the #30 value exceeds S value max, then 100% power isn’t actually producing the maximum possible laser power and the controller can increase the actual power using those adjustments.

Check those two values and, if they’re different, that’s what’s going on. If they’re the same, then something else is happening.


I’m glad you guys seem to know what your talking about,

can you put that in laymans terms for us stupid people please ?

Where can i find these setting in lightburn?

$30=1000.000 this is what is showing

I cant find the #30 where will i find that ?

Many thanks !

#30 is a typo.

$30 is found in edit>machine settings (machine must be connected.)
S Value Max is found in edit>device settings. This value must match $30. Typically 1000.

Another current discussion with expanded info relevant to this:

Thanks @cggorman

So just to clarify where mine says
S-value max 255

This should be 1000 ?

I have typed this $30 in the console window and it does show 1000 in here

But also change

S-value max to 1000??

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That’s correct. Both should be 1000.

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