Why does my file frame Super-sized?

I suddenly developed an issue with my controller acting like the file is huge. I had just finished a project without problem but when I went to run a new one I tried to frame and it framed to my machines max. I tried shrinking the file super small and was able to guess at the size and it worked but. I tried reinstalling the software but no help. Any ideas?

“My machine” and “the file” aren’t going to be descriptive enough to get you much assistance. Which machine, and which file? It’s most likely stray shapes in the file, either set hidden, or small enough that they’re hard to see. If you post the file here we can have a look.

I have a Yorahome 6550 and tried several files. Same result. I bring up a file, say a 50mm x 50 mm, and hit “frame” and immediately the machine runs a pattern all the way around the extremities (650mm x 500mm). I had to shrink the file down to 13mm. to get them to run. It’s like I input millimeters and the machine is outputting inches.

If you make a 1mm square and run that, how big is the output? If you type $$ in the console and press enter, what values come back for $100 and $101? (those are the settings in your controller for the number of steps to take to travel one mm)

At 1mm it burns a 1cm (10mm) square. $100=800 and $101=800

In the console, type $100=80 and press enter, then type $101=80 and press enter.

That was the ticket. On a different note, why all of a sudden can’t I get the fire button to work? Sorry to be a bother!

Lol sorry, that wasn’t the cause. Somehow my fire power got set to 0.0 but now my frame is super slow. But I can deal with that later. Thanks!

You likely set the speed lower in the Move window because the laser was moving 10x farther than commanded, it would have also been moving 10x faster.

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