Why with 1.2.0 when I push ESC go to absolut ZERO

Why dont move to the origin of the work!!! I ruin two works!!! MENTAL NOTE: never upgrade until the X.X.02 at last!!!

I am not understanding your question. Please provide details as to what you are wanting, what you do and what you observe. Paint us a picture, so we can ‘see’ what you are experiencing. :slight_smile:

Whenever I have a job burning in the laser if I pause it and press ESC the laser moves to the origin point of the job. Since I did the update, pressing ESC moves to absolute zero and loses the origin point of the job.

The update does not alter your laser firmware settings, just LightBurn. Did you change any of the settings in your laser itself? (Or did you apply any saved settings files?)

The one you’re looking for is called “Return Position” in Edit > Machine Settings. If it’s set to “Absolute Origin” it will go to the machine zero. If it’s set to “Origin” it will go to the user origin point.

You also tagged this with “GRBL”, but this is a Ruida problem, which was confusing.

I’m afraid I’m running into the same issue as @cristhian tho. It seems that “Absolute origin” is somehow being mapped to “Origin”. When writing settings to the machine, it is written incorrectly. I confirmed this by writing the setting from 1.2.0, reverting to an older version of LightBurn. When reading the controller settings, it’s no longer “Absolute Origin”, but “Origin” instead.

Which causes it to go to go the origin instead of staying at the initial location at the end of the job.

“Absolute Origin” is the zero point of the machine. “Origin” is the user origin set for the job. Which one do you have set in the hardware?

Which controller (actual model number) are you using?

I was referring to the return point in the machine setting. I have the following Ruida controller RDC6442S-B (EC).

After reverting to the previous version and loading my old settings from file, everything worked again as expected.

“Loading my old settings from file” - that’s the part you’re missing. The name of the setting was actually changed, because “Absolute Origin” is the machine zero point, and “Origin” is the user origin point. It was backwards in our settings, and was switched.

If you read the controller setting with the new version, it should say “Origin”, not “Absolute Origin”. The old settings file is probably the issue.

Ah good to know. I will check if thats the issue

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