Why won't Lightburn open my ArduCam 8MP IMX179 Camera?

I have installed a ArduCam 8MP IMX179 camera on my Omtech 100 watt laser. If I open the camera in windows 7 (I know it old) it works great. If I try to install it in to Lightburn, using the install wizard, Lightburn sees the camera, allows me to highlight it, pick what I wish to do for calibration, but does nothing after that. It does not allow me to pick the next button.
Nor does it show the image in the window.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can load the camera image into lightburn?

Random thoughts that could help you diagnose

  • If you have access to another computer with a more recent Windows version (even if you borrow one for a min) that you could plug the camera and install Lightburn trial, would it replicate behavior?
  • make sure - if any - the camera drivers are installed
  • @JohnJohn might suggest any diagnostic steps

Make sure that you don’t use camera in Lightburn and in other applications at same time. The camera cannot be accessed simultaneously from multiple applications, so before using camera in Lightburn you should close Windows camera application (or whatever application you are using to verify that camera is working)

It is a UVC Camera, so we should be able to see it.

For me, the most counterintuitive step with Cameras in Win 10/11 has been enabling the microphone.

The next stumbling point may be the Auto-focus lens. Adjustable fixed-focus optics are a requirement.

The focus operation will move the lens, which changes the alignment between the camera and the bed. Some camera manufacturers hot-glue the lens into a fixed mode. I don’t know if the firmware in the camera will generate an error if the lens isn’t permitted to move.

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I thank all that helped with this problem.

I did try a computer with version 10 on it, and the camera did show up in lightburn in the camera preview window and the right side (behind the cut information).

The camera itself is a USB supported one. I was hoping it would show in the actual window of the laser bed, but maybe that’s the next step I have to figure out.

Interesting. so there is a factor of OS there too.

It wont stream real time but you can update the overlay and then it will show
First you must proceed with the whole alignment and calibration

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