Wifi enable Snapmaker 2.0

It would be nice to have Lightburn connect via Wifi for the Snapmaker 2.0. Is anyone looking into this feature? Great forum and thanks.


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We have about 3 Snapmaker users that I’m aware of (you might be the 4th!) and I don’t have hardware for it, so it would be quite expensive to purchase one just to add that feature. If the Snapmaker folks were to volunteer one, or even be willing to split the cost, I’d be willing.

I also strongly discourage using the laser remotely, so if that’s your goal, please don’t do that. :slight_smile:

Snapmaker requires that you acknowledge the file so you have to be next to it. Where are you based out of? I’m a SW enginerring manager with Intel and I could setup remote access?

When using the USB/Com link the software sees the printer but, I get “Ther was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused”

This usually means the device isn’t actually connected yet. Do you see any output in the console window when you connect?

I’m in Connecticut, but a good chunk of the problem is time - I don’t have much, and I have to use it where it makes the most impact.

In the console it says waiting for connection…

Have you selected a COM port, and verified that the baud rate setting is correct? You should see some kind of connection acknowledgement in that window when it connects.

Where do I see the baud rate?

Edit > Device Settings, lower right.

250,000, Transfer mode - buffered

… and what does the SnapMaker need? (I don’t have one, remember…)

I was able to get a communication from the Snapmaker using 115,200, Sync. Thanks for you help

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