Will Lightburn work with Mach 3 controlled CNC machines with a laser?

I haven’t dl’ed Lightburn yet as I wanted to find out if the software will work with my setup.
I have a Chinese CNC machine, with a C10 BOB, UC100 usb to parallel port connection, a J Tech 7 watt laser all run by Mach 3 software.

Would I be able to use Lightburn with the above setup?
Thanks for any information.

Some additional digging provides these posts as well.

You’d be better off finding one of the many DIY HowTo’s for connecting an Arduino to a DB25 connector and putting GRBL on the Arduino. Then you dump Mach 3 and use Lightburn directly.

there’s a shield someone did for $8 but requires a normal sized Arduino. I used a $3 Arduno Nano but I’m quite familar with wires/schematics/etc… https://www.tindie.com/products/Ron/arduino-grbl-to-db25-cnc-shield-kit/

I did something along the lines of this:

Thanks for the info Doug!! I have coded the arduino before and handy with the wiring and schematics. I guess I’ll grab my Uno and some wires and get to work.!!


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