Will not comunicate to laser

Hello all I have a struggle i feel like I’m over looking some thing simple. Im un able to get my PC windows 10 to communicate with the ruida controller. on the dsp of the laser it shows the ethernet connect connects and dis connects but light burn always says disconnected Im not sure what happened as it was working fine then stopped.

I have un installed light burn re installed, re booted the computer and the laser, reset the Ip address on the laser but yet it wont send info to the laser keeps giving me the laser is busy warning. any help you can would be great I need the laser running soon


Can you ping the laser address on your network? Please show what you have network set for both the Ruida and LightBurn, and we can go from there.

And this is worth review, How do I connect a Ruida controller with Ethernet?

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it looks like the ping doesnt work. So does that mean my controlor has died?

Ping is not finding this device on your network. Could be a cable issue, conflict in addressing. Unlikely that the issue is some controller hardware failure, but could be.


Ping says it connected.


You are speaking with the controller. Have you tried 'right click’ing on the ‘device’ button in the ‘Laser’ window? That will initiate a reconnect.

Don’t know who is… but that’s who’s gagging ping.
Is your netmask ok? My only guess for the .91 issue…


as embaressing as this is. I moved the laser to a new shop with out internet. but internet in the house. every time I need to check something on the internet the computer takes a new IP address. But when I went out to the laser in the shop I was not checking to make sure that the computer was remining on the same Ip address. I changed ip address and all is good. pings worked and so does the laser. thanks for the help all. I struggled for a day and believed I had a big issue.

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