Wind Pin Always Grounded

Hello. I wonder if anybody can help.

I have just finished installing my relay and air solenoid. I have come to wire the relay up and the wind pin is always grounded. It never changes state, weather cutting or not. It’s grounded as soon as the machine is on.
The controller setting for air assist is enabled.

I have temporarily used the status pin to get the relay working but would much rather use the wind pin.

I have tried to google it and I just get results based on the humanly body function kind of wind.

Thanks in advance,

Maybe this thread can help you

Ironic this comes up today. Just the other night, I was discussing this with someone and embarrassed myself overlooking that I had the polarity on my meter reversed :slight_smile:

CN1 pins are active low.

This means they are held at 24v until active (at which time the pin grounds thus creating / completing the 24v differential needed to energize the solenoid / relay coil):

Thanks Bjorn, it was an interesting read but confused the heck out of me :joy:

Jeff, I think I have done exactly as you did, that makes 100% sense. Thanks!

I’ll swap the wires over to the wind pin tomorrow and see if it works. Maybe I should of just tried it anyway but I didn’t see the point since it looked like it was always going to supply 24v to the relay.

Thanks again, I’ll report back when I’ve done it.

You was right :laughing:

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