Windows 10 Windows Explorer Lightburn Thumbnail Preview Not Working

I’ve searched the forum as best as I can but actually haven’t found any solutions. I found this thread: Thumbnails Previews in Windows 10 Explorer but that doesn’t list an actual solution either. Thumbnails/icons show perfect previews for every program (like Corel Draw) but not for Lightburn. The thumbnail preview DOES work if you DO a search in windows explorer like “ornament,” but I need it show previews without running a search. Has anyone figured out how to get this working properly?

Few things to try.

  1. Open the .lbrn file in a text editor and see if it has the thumbnail source within the first few lines. (right click file and select open with. Notepad works. Make sure to uncheck always.)

  2. There might be too many files in the folder. Move a few to their own folder and see if it works.

  3. Check the view settings of the folder. (On my computer need to be medium icons or bigger)

Jenny, which of these has worked for you? I’ve heard about this problem from my colleagues, but I’ve never heard of solutions. I had a different problem when a strange Windows crash distorted the appearance of all my thumbnails on the screen before my computer finally became unresponsive. I had to wait for the reinstallation of the new Windows version and read a little about reddit windows key, but that’s clearly not your option. No one can still explain to me what it was. So, I didn’t mind preparing for possible failures not related to pirated Windows bugs.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution on ANY of my Windows 10 computers.

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