WIndows 7 32bit Galvo Issues

Hi Lightburn Techs,

I have installed Lightburn as per the tutorials but when installing the driver it says I do not have the gear. Note that the card is LMCV4-FIBER-M. On the fiber computer I am running WIN7 32Bit.
I have uninstalled the Ezcad driver and tried also a forced installation of the Lightburn driver but it is not installing because it can’t find the card.
I am using Lightburn for CO2 for couple of years already and I realy want to use it also on the fiber.

Please advise if I should try another windows version or a 64bit?

Thank you

Check out the Zadig method in the following link.

Zadig link

Thank you! Worked like a charm :sparkles:. I will actually start using the Fiber also. Due to Ezcad I kept it covered not to colect the dust :rofl:.

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