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Now I have Lightburn running on a Windos machine. I’d like to try it on a Linux machine. If it works well on a Linux machine, will I deactivate the license from the Windows machine and activate it on the Linux machine? Or can I revert to the Windows license later?


You can have it even easier, install LightBurn at no extra cost on both machines!
The LightBurn people are so practice-oriented that they know that people need a “construction computer” in the office and a machine computer to control the laser in the workshop. (and then there are also those who run over LAN, directly with their DSP machines)

It already has two windows machines! I want to change one to Linux. If you don’t like it, you can reinstall the windos version.

How the license works. :wink:

I understand. I knew that, yes.

As long as the license is active, am I free to switch between operating systems? (Windows / Linux) You need to deactivate it before, right?

Sorry, I did not understand or read that correctly. In this case, enter your personal settings on the LightBurn page under the license manager and turn off one of the windows computers, then install a version on that linux computer. In some cases, if you ask the LightBurn team very politely, they will also give you access to a third computer.

Your license and the allocation of the seats can be self-managed, as Bernd says, using our License Management portal. Email us [support at lightburnsoftware dot com], include your key, and ask nice. We will bump you to 3 seats. :wink:

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Dear Rick!

Thank you very much for your reply. 2 machine licenses are enough for me. :slight_smile: Your answer shows that I am free to manage the license on the same machine. On Windows or Linux, I can switch between the two operating systems at any time as long as the license is valid.

I really, really like LightBurn. Clean, simple operation, clear menu, plenty of options! This is LightBurn!

LightBurn Forever !!!

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: Have a good day.


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