Wireless connection Windows 10 to Ruida

Is it possible to connect to my cutter from HP windows 10 to my Ruida upgraded controller

You’d have to put some type of WAP on the laser to access it wireless.

Thanks. I have tried imputing the IP INFO into lightbulb. Not sure what a WAP is when I was growing up we used slide rules

If you are referring to computer communications, it means wireless access point (WiFi component). If your are referring to something you heard Cardi B. sing as a component of popular culture, I will let someone else explain!

LOL !!! The Ruida controllers will work on your network, but they are NOT WiFi, hard wire only. Simple work around would be to plug an old computer into the laptop, send your files there, then dump them into the controller. Not the simplest, but it would at least give you an indirect connection.

Entering your ip into a Lightbulp will hardly give you light :bulb: :rofl:

Or purchase a Ruida WIFI controller.

Or a link from the forum here:

I have tried a Vonets 300 WiFi device plugged into the USB [for power] and ethernet ports of a Ruida controller. It works, but not as reliably as a wired ethernet wire to my router.

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