Wobbles in Y, too much accelleration?

Hello good people of LB. First post, be gentle with me.

Just took delivery of my laser cutter, Yellow/Gray case, 9060 bed, RDC6442s-b(ec) controller and 80W tube. Working out all the bugs before i start pestering people for business…

My current concern is wobbles in Y direction. I suspect too much accelleration (or decelleration), but not sure if its misconfigured or just stiffness is not up to par with acc.

Steps p/mm seems to be ok, its holding dimensions well, but on round shapes i get zigzagy cuts in card (thick paper), which i need to cut at speed and low power (as far as i know).

Currently my settings for speed/acc are as follows:
X max spd: 500
X jumpoff: 20
X max acc: 10000

Y max spd: 400
Y jumpoff: 15
Y max acc: 3000

Could someone post usual speed/accelleration settings for the machine ?
I dont want to reset it to defaults myself just yet, too much to learn before i start dabbling in dark arts of black magic that is defaulting stuff…(been there)… :smiley:

Any help appreciated.

Might not be the same issue you have but check the focus lens in the laser head. Some others have gotten wobbly lines on edges due to the lens rattling within the head. Could be an easy fix if so :slight_smile: I personally use a heat resistant o-ring to cushion my lens snug in the holder.

Nope, not rattly lens.

I’ve posted more extended version of this in general hardware forum.
Refer here:

We’re experiencing the same Y-axis-only wobbles on our 1060 100W machine. We’ve determined it is because the right angle bent bracket attaching the laser head to the carriage is not stiff enough, and the springyness in the bend, coupled with the vector engrave speeds (250mm/s) causes it to bounce around. We’re just hesitant to replace it with a solid bracket as we’ll then need to realign that 3rd mirror!

Edit: Also, the machine screws attaching the laser head to the bracket, bottom out in the holes and don’t tighten down completely, causing a slight looseness there as well. So, compounding issues, both of which we believe contribute to the wobble.

Can you post more photos of head/rail assembly ?
I was down for a week fixing wobbly table brackets, waiting for custom parts.
This week i have to fix this wobble thing. My lens assembly looks like yours except the focus probe mount. I’ve already went through all mechanical XY components checking screws, but not head mount for exact same reasons - head mirror. But it appears i’ll have to reengineer the bracket for mine is just a flat plate, very thin and probably wobbles with any bump. Replacing it with anything more substantial will move the head mirror UP in relation to the m2-m3 beam.

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